segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

Pandemics new generation 4.0

Yes, for the world of Pandemics, Epidemic Linux 4.0 final is here,

New 64 Bits architecture, the new Epidemic is more than a simple Debian Distro, is a Pandemic Distro->

Improvements to Epidemic 4.0, German Support

New eInstaller mode with support of various default languages to the live mode for the install result.

New Manual on desktop.

New Grub Theme, add Plymouth manager image, and maintain KDM and Ksplash.

New Kernel -> kernel 3.2.23-epidemic-amd64, with support to drivers 3d of Nvidia & AMD (ATI), preempt.

So why you wait, comprove what you expect
  - DOwnlOad our Pandemic edition!!!!

If you use Unetbootin to test the ISO, and if on FAT32 format the distro dont boot properly  - remember is important in some cases uses the format ext4 to properly boot the iso on the target pc.